Basement Excavation & Underpinning

Beal Incorporated provides basement excavation and underpinning services to building owners who want to increase the depth of their basements to allow for more head room and more usable space. Basement improvements do not increase a building's tax liability so they are a great way to increase space at an affordable cost.

Beal is experienced in basement excavation and underpinning under the most difficult of circumstances. In the basement of the Vinology Restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor, Beal was hired to lower the basement almost 4 feet. This required the underpinning of every wall in the basement and the work to be done in as many as ten phases to save the historic, but structurally questionable foundation walls. No standard excavating equipment could fit into the basement so ten Beal personnel spent several weeks digging out the basement out by hand with pick axes and shovels. The dirt was brought out of the building on a conveyer and the large rocks were carried out by hand.

Recent basement excavation & underpinning projects:

Mayer Schairer/Vinology Restaurant, Ann Arbor, MI:

  • Owner: West Washington Associates, LLC.
  • Contract Value: $165,000.00.
  • Basement Excavation & Underpinning, Selective Demolition.
  • Completed May, 2005.

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