Project Safety

Think Safe and Be Safe!

Project safety and loss prevention is of utmost importance at Beal Incorporated and that is reflected in everything we do. It is always Beal Inc.'s main objective to have a "no incident" project and we go to great lengths to ensure that that objective is achieved. Every employee of Beal Inc. undergoes weekly safety meetings and becomes certified in a 10 hour OSHA training course soon after hire. Many employees are also fully trained as Asbestos Abatement Supervisors and quickly become experienced in the means and methods necessary to safely handle hazardous materials.

Each employee is a valuable member of our team, making a unique contribution to our success. Any injury that affects a team members well being or their work performance has serious consequences for that team member, their family, and for Beal Inc.

Similarly we often find ourselves working around non-construction personnel as we construct our projects. Special care must be taken to separate these personnel from the dangers of the work, and to protect them whenever possible if they must enter the worksite for any reason.

Property too, must be protected from the dangers of construction work whether it is the owner's existing property, construction equipment, stored material, or the work already in place, loss or damage to physical assets must also be avoided.

While there are Federal and State codes and regulations that apply to almost all physical hazards, these rules frequently embody only minimum requirements. Every effort should be made to exceed these requirements to create a truly safe work environment.

Beal Incorporated's safety and loss prevention program manual is designed to act as a resource toward achieving the dual goals of eliminating injuries and property losses, and minimizing the cost and consequences of any incidents that do occur. Safety and Loss Prevention truly requires the participation of everyone, and appropriate efforts must extend well beyond the boundaries of our jobsites.

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