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Historic Equity Fund

The Historic Equities Fund is a Michigan limited liability company formed in 2005. The company was formed for the express purpose of establishing a fund, specializing in the re-development of historic and traditionally undervalued properties located in Southeastern Michigan. The Company is planning to raise and invest $2.5 Million dollars in the purchase and re-development of a minimum of a $10 Million portfolio of properties, with the intent to provide to its investors a higher than average rate of return.

The Company plans to achieve its objective of higher than average rates of return through a combination of; increases in property value, rental income, the use of historic and/or other tax credits, including strategies to "sell" credits to third parties, and other tax, property management, and marketing strategies that enhance long term investor income and property value.

Please contact Stewart W. Beal at (734) 662-6133 x111 or for more information.